Community Fund Raising

Interested in Fund raising Opportunities for your school, Church or Organization?

You might think your organization is small but it probably has a large reach. When you get your members to participate from home and at work and they in turn include their contacts it can be far reaching. Everyone has a printer and uses toner. So does every business, church, school, or organization as well. Help those operations keep their printing budgets in line and benefit from the following rebate program we offer. We can help students looking to utilize this program for a Senior Class project or Eagle Scout Badge project as well.

We set up a central recycling point with your organization. This helps to keep our shipping costs for returns in check and those savings get passed on to you. Purchases also qualify for a rebate to your organization as you are helping us collect used cartridges and purchasing the same Remanufactured cartridges (Many right here in the USA). Because you are helping us to collect from, sell to, and educate a larger group of people than we can reach, we will give your organization a rebate on every Cartridge bought and collected in this program.

We will put together a custom package for you to explain to members the program you are offering. We will keep track of all purchases and send you a check quarterly.

  • We give you $5.00 for every cartridge with a value under $100.00
  • We give you $10.00 for every cartridge purchased with a value of $100.00 or more
  • This applies to cartridges ONLY

Please give me a call at 844-409-3080 to discuss our offer. I think you will be really surprised and pleased when you discover how much fund raising you can generate for your organization with this program.

We will pay you for Cartridges collected as well as cartridges bought by your membership.

This program includes your initial first order 10% discount. This program only applies to the purchase and recycling of Toner cartridges bought through Sensible Toner Inc.

Sensible Toner Guarantee