The Best Solution For The Environment

Each discarded laser cartridge adds approximately 3.4 pounds of metal and plastic waste to our landfills - waste that will take as long as 1,000 years to decompose. It is estimated that 100 million laser printer cartridges and 400 million inkjet printer cartridges are produced each year. Remanufacturing these 500 million cartridges will save an estimated four million cubic feet of landfill space.

To provide the most Cost effective recycling program (as well as resale cost of Remanufactured cartridges) please ship back multiple empty cartridges with one label. This helps us to keep our shipping and handling costs at a minimum benefitting our customers. Thank You! Four or more cartridges shipped together in the same box is ideal. If you are a large user and need guidance to ship larger quantities please let us know. Thanks again!

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